Only 25 Km. from Palma this is a very attractive for those wanting a quiet area in Mallorca. It is a great place for day tours also. Hang around in the harbor area, or take a walk in the surrounding hills. The lack of sandy beaches has protected this area from becoming an other development for mass tourism.
If you must have a swim, there is a small beach by the dock. A somewhat bigger beach is found on the other side of the bay. Pass the marina, then follow the coast for 500 meters more.
For the smaller yacht, Andratx was often the first port, when visiting Mallorca. Some liked it so much there that they never got any further.

Camp de Mar is a small beach situated between Peguera and Andratx. The is a golf course, and many new houses are being built.
However the area is still quiet apart from the high season in Mallorca. The water is very clear and the beach attractive and popular, prefered by famous people. There are 3 large hotels in the area, and one small. A few kilometres away you find Paguera, a much larger resort with many shops, restaurants and bars.

Cala Fornels is a small fine sand beach near Peguera. 100 meters long and 6 meters wide. As there are hotels nearby and many summer houses in the area, this place is best visited outside the high season.
To get there by car, it is most easy to arrive from the Palma Andratx road.

Peguera (Pagera) is one of the oldest and well known beach resorts on the South West part of Mallorca. It is mainly visited by continental Europeans. There are three beaches, two big and one small.
The beaches are called, Palmira, Tora and La Romana. Peguera is busy during the hot summer month, but as soon as the the industrial vacation is over, it is getting a lot quieter. The beaches are well manintained, the water is good quality. You find a long shopping street along the beach and many restaurants and bars. There are hotels in the 5 star category and small pensions. During the few winter month only few hotels are kept open, and it is very quiet. You seem to meet all age groups. If you are in need of maximum fun and action, you may consider El Arenal instead. The character of Paguera is changing street by street. Some have a large content of small shops and restaurants, some mainly with residential buildings. The centre of commercial activity is in the area of the Palmira beach.

This marina (also called El Toro), is situated only a few kilometers from Santa Ponca. It is a relative new construction. There are some restaurants on the waterfront and a small beach on one end.

Playa Portals Vells is aprox five km. from Magaluff. It is best reached by car or taxi, however there are boat excursions to this place also. There is a small bar and restaurant, but as it is quite expensive. It is a popular place, that is best avoided in week ends. The best time is early morning or late afternoon.

Playa Mago was the first nudist beach on Mallorca. It is situated some four km. south from Magaluff. The water is clear and there is a restaurant where you can sit in the shadow. The beach is very small and the parking is limited, so it is best to be there before 11.00 hr if you go by your own car.
If the beach is full, there is plenty space on the rocks. However the place is best avoided in the weekend.

Magaluf is a resort eight Km from Palma de Mallorca. There is a large beach, a good number of hotels, restaurants, shops, disco and bars.
During the high season younger people from all over Europe, and the majority Brittish, come here to enjoy the party. Few are disappointed. Pre and after season Magaluf is the place for all ages. The close distance to Palma mean you can always find something to do if it is not weather for the beach. Some hotels are now fitted with indoor swimming pool. It is wise to select one of those if you are planning a trip during winter time.

Palma Nova is a tourist resort in the bay of Palma de Mallorca. It has 3 sandy beach and a promenade that stretches on to Magaluf. The beach near the Club Nautico is called "Es Carregador". The next beach, the middle one, is called "Playa de Palmanova". The beach closest to Magaluf is called "Son Maties (Matias)" In recent years the city council has spent a lot of money to make the place more attractive, and they have succeeded quite well .
Manny nationalities come here, but the majority are Brittish. The place is busy during the high season, July and August. Then it is getting more quiet. The part near Magaluf is most busy. The area around the small Club Nautico is the least crowded. There is public transport to Palma de Mallorca for more extensive shopping and sight seeing. It is a very good place to book in spring and autumn. You can go on the beach on a sunny day, but if the weather is tricky, the day can be used to explore Palma de Mallorca. If you like to stretch the legs, the book shops sell plans with suggestions for leisure walks in the area.

This is a small beach, next to the marina Portals and Marine land. With only a few hotels in the area, it is normally rather quiet.
Here you find the Dolphin show and Marine land. The smart marina is well worth a visit, while you are in the area. There are also tennis courts at the other end of the beach.

Illetas is a area with a mixture of hotels and private apartments, many of these belonging to foreigners, using them for vacation in Mallorca. During the summer months of July and August, it is a busy area.
The beaches are not very large, and parking is difficult, depending of the month of the year. There is a bus connection to Palma de Mallorca. six Km away. Golf Bendinat is about one Km. away.

Located only a few kilometers Southwest from Palma along the coast. This area was before a tourist resort with 30.000 beds. The night life was never ending. Now this is all gone since years.
The area has become a popular residential area, with its close location to Palma and with a rather large beach. A lot of money have been spent to reform the area, palm trees have been planted, the beach enlarged. There are hotels in the area, and in the summer it is quite busy.

From Palma cathedral there is a promenade leading to Portixol. Here is as well a beach that was made some years back. If you are living in or near the center of Palma de Mallorca, this is just walking distance. At the end of the beach towards Portixol there is parking, if full there is, as well parking in the Portixol marina, the end towards the beach.

Ciudad Jardin is located some five km East of Palma de Mallorca between El Molinar and Cala Gamba. It is quite a large beach, but else the area is mainly residential. You start to get a few hotels here, but nothing like Can Pastilla and Arenal.
A big green public area is planned and luxury apartments are under construction in the area. Else the area is a mix of smaller villas that the inhabitants from Palma use in the summer month to get away from the city, and typical apartment block. However located close to the airport, and the city center only short distance away, it is a area that have been much overlooked by second home buyers from Northern Europe.

This beach is only a short distance from Palma de Mallorca. Very close to the airport. The area is a mix of residential property with the strange hotel in between. There is bus service to Palma de Mallorca, seven km away.

Playa de Palma starts from Can Pastilla and extend until El Arenal. There is one long unbroken sand beach all the way. The beach is about fove Km. long.
Now there is a promenade, this means the traffic has been removed from the water front area. Now it is popular for bicycling and walking. Along this stretch, you find many small bars, restaurants and typical tourist shops. This is of course giving the area a special character. The main attraction is the beach, but more and more find it good fun to rent a bicycle and ride along the bicycle route from El Arenal to Palma de Mallorca. It is mainly people from continental Europe that are visiting the area.

Arenal is one of the first developments for mass tourism in Mallorca. The original character of this are was not preserved.
Now the results are narrow crowded streets with no parking, ugly apartment blocks and noise from hundred of bars, and hotels entertaining their guests with "animators" and music in the open. This said, the beach is outstanding, the evening sunset is unique. For those that like late nights and a good selection of bars and entertainment, Arenal is the place. A new waterfront promenade has been constructed. The tourist with family has mainly moved elsewhere.